Business Advisory Services

FHC is passionate about supporting businesses on their growth journey with targeted, insightful business advisory services. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and provide insightful professional support and advice that is a unique fit for their business at each stage of their growth. While business growth is not without its challenges, a pro-active approach to financial management gives businesses the opportunity to identify potential issues before they arise and give our clients the clarity they need to work through challenges with confidence.

How Can We Help You Succeed?

A business plan is considered the cornerstone of business success, but without the right advice, growth can quickly become overwhelming and cloud decision-making, especially if you don’t have the right systems in place. At FHC, we consider ourselves your partner in business growth. We are committed to providing you with the specialist strategic and financial knowledge and guidance you need to transform your operations and go after your growth goals.

Strategic Approach

Our unique Four Phase plan tailors support for whatever stage of business growth you are at in the lifecycle of your business. Helping you to review your current position, identify and implement your accounting systems needs.

Monthly Reviews

Continuous support helps you to gain insight and confidence in decision making from management reports including cashflow, profit and loss, balance sheets, detailed forecasts and monitoring against your KPIs.

Seamless Systems

Manual processes and paper-based systems are replaced with cloud accounting for easy, anytime access to your accounts, reduced errors and overheads.

Business Sustainability

Deep insight and access to real-time information creates an environment for true business sustainability where decisions can be made with confidence.

Simplified Accounting

Thanks to cloud-based accounting software, accounting and compliance has never been so easy. VAT returns, annual tax and CRO returns and other compliance requirements are produced with ease drawing on data held within the system. FHC can complete and submit your compliance returns or can collaborate with your accountant as required.

FHC Is Your Trusted Partner In Business Growth

We provide peace of mind, insight and the tools and capabilities you need to drive and sustain healthy growth.



“Francois, from FHC Accountants & Business Advisors, has been working closely with myself and my colleagues at Premier Property Group over the past 3 years. He has implemented many changes in Premier during the first year when we embarked on this journey together to grow our business.

Through cloud accounting, FHC have helped our finance team to achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, save time and gain real-time insight into financial data. Introducing cloud accounting software like Xero, Dext, ApprovalMax, Chaser and PLEO cards in Ireland, and setting up the same software in Portugal, have benefited my company in many ways.

Adopting FHC’s unique strategic approach on business advisory, have transformed our operations and helped Premier Property Group to achieve our growth goals.

Francois is not only extremely professional in his approach to business, but also a gentleman outside of business. You can call him at any time and any day of the week and he will be sure to answer your call or message. He is honest, to the point and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to companies in the construction and trades industry. He has become a pillar in my company, and I would hope for many more years of excellent business advice from him and his team at FHC Accountants & Business Advisors.”

John Powell

Managing Partner, Premier Property Group

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