Cloud Accounting Services

Imagine having access to your business’ financial information at the click of the button, from your desktop, mobile or other smart device, anywhere in the world. That is the power of cloud accounting!

FHC has extensive experience setting up cloud accounting packages and tailoring their features to suit the needs of each business for a convenient, insightful, secure and cost-effective way to access and manage financial data and enhance your operations.

Harness The Power Of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting uses software that is hosted on remote servers, rather than on your desktop PC. Typically, the internet is used to connect to cloud accounting software, meaning it can be accessed at any time of day or night, from anywhere that has an internet connection.

People who are weighed down by the time and effort it takes to complete manual, paper-based accounting procedures can transform their work day with cloud accounting software. Most impressively, it provides users with an up-to-date record of financial performance, producing reports on command and giving users instant access to a depth of data and reporting tools that have the potential to make an immediate change to a businesses’ profitability.

Cloud accounting can automate a range of tasks that can reduce your time spent on accounting process by 40-60%. No more paper and manual reconciliations, extracting data and updating forecasts: cloud accounting has the potential to transform a business, from streamlining processes that previously consumed copious amounts of time, to providing a secure, easily accessible and reliable online platform for viewing real-time information about your businesses’ finance.

The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting

Through cloud accounting, FHC can help you achieve greater efficiencies and productivity with the following benefits:


Your cloud accounting package can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the internet. View your latest financial information on your PC, mobile phone or other smart device any time of the day or night.

Informed Decision Making

Cloud accounting enables real-time reporting to provide you with a clear picture of your financial position, giving you confidence in business decision making.

Streamlined Processes

Cloud accounting automates many processes that are considered time consuming and arduous when undertaken manually. Invoicing, payments, payroll journals and bank & supplier reconciliations can all be automated with cloud accounting and not only save time but reduce the risk of errors.

Data Security

With cyber-security now a major concern for businesses, cloud accounting provide users with cutting-edge data security such as encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication, that helps to protect against hacking and fraud.

Reduces Costs

Because cloud accounting software are hosted online, it eliminates the need for desktop software and IT network infrastructures, reducing the costs of hardware and IT maintenance costs. It also offers tailored options allowing users to pay for what they need on a subscription basis.

Multi-Site Collaboration

Cloud accounting packages can be accessed by multiple users giving you the flexibility to engage in real-time with your team, accountant and other partners regardless of where they are located.

Simplified Compliance

Cloud accounting also helps to simplify compliance obligations by calculating regular tax estimates and Revenue liabilities. Seamlessly integrates your payroll software with Revenue for weekly or monthly submissions.

FHC Is Your Trusted Partner In Cloud Accounting

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Software Partners


Xero is FHC’s cloud accounting software partner of choice. Xero helps businesses manage and streamline their accounting process online with the ability to pay bills, claim expenses, live bank feeds accept payments, track projects, run payroll and conduct bank reconciliations. With Xero, you can also capture bills and receipts via email, or scan files from your mobile, eliminating the need for paper records.

FHC uses a range of applications that integrate easily with Xero to streamline accounting processes, automate tasks, simplify compliance and deliver insightful financial reporting.


Dext provides tools that reduce manual accounting processes and save admin processing time. Trusted accuracy.


Bid farewell to spreadsheets! Futrli delivers real-time cash flow forecasting, performance insights and reporting.


Parolla is an Irish payroll software that is fully connected to ROS for Direct Payroll Reporting. Integrates with Xero and automate payroll journals, while also allocating costs to different cost centres with the push of a button.


ApprovalMax streamlines approval for purchase orders, bills, sales orders and sales invoices and eliminates the need for emails. Comes with built-in audit trail and reporting.


Chaser is an accounts receivable software that automatically follows-up late payments, tracks debtors and helps to secure incoming cash flow.


LivePlan’s cloud-based business planning tool provides step-by-step guidance for writing a business plan, securing funding and producing real-time financial reports. It also offers a specific tool for growth planning helping businesses on their growth journey at whatever stage they are at. Integrates easily with Xero for real-time financial planning functionality.


Hike is a cloud-based POS software for retail outlets including clothing stores, restaurants, hardware, food trucks and pet stores. It is fully customisable to your product line, tax rules and more, and works seamlessly on iPad, PC and Mac across multiple outlets wherever you have internet connection.


LiveCosts is an automated cost management software designed for builders, trade contractors and quantity surveyors. It takes essential costs including labour, materials and machinery and reveals the true real cost of a building project in real-time.


GoCardless collects direct bank payments with ease. It reduces the administrative burden associated with collections.


PLEO automates the paperwork associated with company expenditure, such as invoices, expenses and reimbursements. It gives business owners and financial managers an accurate snapshot of their financial position at any time.



“Francois, from FHC Accountants & Business Advisors, has been working closely with myself and my colleagues at Premier Property Group over the past 3 years. He has implemented many changes in Premier during the first year when we embarked on this journey together to grow our business.

 Through cloud accounting, FHC have helped our finance team to achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, save time and gain real-time insight into financial data. Introducing cloud accounting software like Xero, Dext, ApprovalMax, Chaser and PLEO cards in Ireland, and setting up the same software in Portugal, have benefited my company in many ways.  

Adopting FHC’s unique strategic approach on business advisory, have transformed our operations and helped Premier Property Group to achieve our growth goals.

Francois is not only extremely professional in his approach to business, but also a gentleman outside of business. You can call him at any time and any day of the week and he will be sure to answer your call or message. He is honest, to the point and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to companies in the construction and trades industry. He has become a pillar in my company, and I would hope for many more years of excellent business advice from him and his team at FHC Accountants & Business Advisors.”

John Powell

Managing Partner, Premier Property Group

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